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The 12 Hours
of Canton

World's First 12-Hour Electric Indoor Go-Kart Race

2024 Final Results

Racing, electrified.

The 12 Hours of Canton is the world's first indoor electric go-kart race that runs for 12 hours. Racers from all over the country come together to compete for the championship title. It's electric go-karts like you've never seen them before!

Driver Lineup

2024 Driver Lineup

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About us

How it Started

In late 2022, a group of drivers were sitting around after a league night at K1 Speed Canton and they said, "you know what... we could do this all day."


That's how the 12 Hours was born. Just a group of passionate drivers who love electric go-karts and the thrill of competition.


In just 10 (very) short weeks, the idea went from concept to reality - bringing together 7 teams of over 30 drivers for the inaugural event. 

The challenge is unbelievably difficult. Not only for the drivers, but technically and mechanically.

2024 Group Photo-final.jpeg

Electric go-karts were not designed to run for extended periods of time and the logistics of managing battery power had to be developed from scratch. 


Yet the event was a success. So, in 2024, we did it again! This time with 8 teams instead of 7.

Stay tuned for 2025 as we continue to push the boundaries of motorsport and prove yet again that "we could do this all day."

Photo: Jeremy Bryner / Downforce Media

$7,000 in prize money!

1st place: $4,000

2nd place: $2,000

3rd place: $1,000

Important Dates

Important Dates

January 5

Team registration begins

A link to the team registration website will be provided here. Only 1 team captain will need to complete the registration along with submitting the $500 deposit. 

The first 8 teams to submit their deposit will be guaranteed a spot in the 2024 event. 

Team captains, their drivers, and/or the number of drivers are allowed to change prior to February 16, 2024. This allows a captain to register a team even if they aren't sure of all their details.

February 16

Final team information due

A completed list of driver names are due so that a total number of participants can be determined.

In addition, each driver will need to complete a bio of themselves as well as submit a picture of their helmet for media relation purposes. 

Jan 15

Jan 29

Feb 12

Feb 26

Mar 11

Open practice sessions

Teams are welcome to join us at 7:00 pm for open practice sessions

This is an opportunity to run laps, practice pit stops, meet with their team, or ask questions to help them prepare for the event. 

Cost is $60 per driver.

March 1

Final Payment Due

Team captains will be contacted to collect final payment for the race. 

March 8 - March 14

Team practice & qualification

One week prior to the event, teams are required to complete a 1 hour practice session and have one member of their team complete a qualification run.

 The practice session will allow drivers the time to practice pit stops, drive the track, review rules, and ask questions regarding the event. Time slots will be allocated by the event coordinator with a time that fits their team's schedule. 

In addition, each team will submit one driver to complete a 12-lap qualification which will be used to set the grid for Friday's race. (Note: times will not be revealed until the day of the event!)




The Venue


K1 Speed, Canton Ohio

Part of the world-wide network of indoor electric go-kart racing, K1 Speed Canton is one of the 83 K1 Speed locations. They are proud to host this prestigious event. 

In addition to the 12 Hours of Canton, this location is also home to the area's best arrive and drive racing, Competition Karting, and the Canton Endurance Championship, which leads up to the 12 hour event.

Every adult go-kart is manufactured by OTL Electro Kart and features lithium batteries for optimal racing performance.

Event Schedule

MAR 15, 2024


Registration & Check-in


Driver's meeting & track walk


Livestream / pre-race events


Green flag!


Winner's circle events



If you are flying to the event, note that K1 Speed Canton is located on the grounds of the Akron/Canton airport. It's less than a 5 minute drive. 

A limited number of hotel vouchers will be made available to those traveling longer distances. Please contact us to make arrangements.




How much does it cost?

Each team entry is $1,800.

It's up to you to decide how many team members you have and how to divide up costs.

We encourage teams to engage sponsors! Remember, the event is livestreamed so get creative. Make team shirts and mention your sponsors during driver interviews.


How many drivers can be on a team?

There is a minimum of 2 drivers per team, but NO maximum.

We believe most teams will be happy with 3 to 6 drivers.

This keeps team logistics simple and allows for everyone to have adequate track time. 


What's included?

Your team entry fee covers:

  • Rental karts, tires, and all associated parts.

  • A 1-hour team practice session

  • 1 Race Control radio.

  • A 12 Hours event t-shirt.

  • Dinner the day of the event.

  • Discounted race practice sessions from March 1 - 15.


Can people come watch?

Absolutely! The K1 Speed Canton facility is open to spectators and are encouraged to come cheer you on!

(Make sure to tell them to subscribe to Competition Karting so they don't miss the livestream too.)


Are all drivers required to race?

Yes. Every driver from your roster must complete at least one lap during the event.

We're not sure why you would put someone on your lineup that wasn't racing, but hey, this rule might be for you.


Do I need radios?

It is strongly recommended that you have radio communications with your pit crew. 

Each team will be issued a single radio to communicate with Race Control. Any messages received through this radio must be relayed to the driver, and therefore a radio is the most efficient method of making this happen.  

Thanks to Our Partners

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Family of endurace

The Family of Endurance Racing

2023 Inaugural 12 Hours


The inaugural 12 hour race was run on March 17, 2023

The race featured 38 drivers on 7 teams with over 1500 laps completed by each team during the course of 12 hours. 

Team SuperSonic, High Voltage, and Talladega took the top spots of the podium in a fierce battle that saw lead changes all the way down to the final minutes of the race. 


Competition Karting is our YouTube channel where we livestream various racing events.


From Boost League to Endurance League, you'll find us here... when we're not at our day jobs. 

Endurance Karting

We needed something to lead up to the 12 Hours of Canton, so a monthly racing series fit the bill.

It's a 30-minute race that is livestreamed and showcases drivers in their quest to become Endurance Champion.

Points are accumated throughout a 6-month season. At the end, winners are awarded prize money towards their entry fee in the 12 Hours. 

This race is available for anyone to sign-up

If you're new, we even have a rookie class. 

Canton Exhibition of Speed

We can't just take 11 months off while we wait for the next 12 hour race to come around!

The Canton Exhibition of Speed is a mid-season event which bridges the gap between the Fall and Spring seasons. 

It's a fun "Friday night under the lights" event which showcases our electric karts on the indoor/outdoor track combination. With events ranging from boost to reverse track, we're sure to stroke every driver's talent level.

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